Yahtzee 123

Yahtzee 123

Play an entertaining game of Yahtzee with this small and simple application
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Yahtzee 123 is a dice game where you try to gain as many points as possible by making certain combinations. At first throw, you get the initial five dice values. In total, you have three rolls and in the last two you can hold the values you want (just like you can hold cards in a poker game). You get the most points if all values are the same. You can also score with three or four of a kind, small or large straights, etc.

The interface of this software is very simple and the main window is very small. The dice are rendered in 3D and there’s also a rudimentary physics engine that works decently showing almost realistic dice movements. Instructions are displayed at the top of the screen. On the right there’s a slide menu where you can pick the category you want to score in.

The graphics look decent, with no pretentious visuals going on. The in-game music is not bad but if you’re using a headset, not being able to adjust the volume can be a nuisance.

The size of this application is a good aspect for someone who doesn’t want to download tens of megabytes for such a game. The simplicity is also a plus. It gets straight to the point, allowing you to play the game for pleasure, without crowding you with unnecessary elements or options. Add to this the fact that the program is free and you have a winner.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Small size
  • Simple physics engine to render movement of dice
  • Gives you in-game tips about the controls


  • Sound volume can't be adjusted
  • Some sound effects can be annoying
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